Nordhydraulic – a world-leading choice

Flexibility, customisation and product development are important key values for us here at Nordhydraulic. We are currently in the midst of a highly proactive phase.


A targeted initiative that, more than ever before, puts the customer in the centre, collaboration at the top and a focus on development. Coupled with 40 years of experience in the business, this makes us the natural number one choice when it comes to hydraulics for mobile applications.



Our network of top-quality suppliers and partners provides us with the capacity to serve and satisfy all customers. Cutting-edge expertise is constantly at hand and you, our customer, can always rely on receiving the very best. In every situation.



We work as closely with our customers as possible through every stage of the process. We consider our technical network to be a particularly vital part of our future customer support service. Our own sales companies and carefully-selected distributors enable us to maintain a high level of technical expertise in our direct contact with all our customers. No matter where you are in the world.

Product and process development

We make every endeavour to be continually in the very forefront of global hydraulic development. You, our customers, are the most important part of this development process. Our products have to function on an everyday basis for you. Right from the start of a new project, we are your obvious business partner. Together we achieve optimal customisation of services and products, by working in close collaboration from an initial concept through to the finished function.


We are taking on new challenges with great confidence and a real belief in the future. It is no coincidence that the world’s foremost companies in the business choose us as their partner and supplier. And that our products are used by satisfied customers all over the world.


We are not aiming at the future. We are already part of it.